Spotify is your New Friend!

Yep that’s right, the one everyone moans about how much they pay to artists. If you are an upcoming dj that’s pretty much irrelevant. Here is why @spotify needs to be in your life!

Spotify is growing at 2 million subscribers per month and has a base of over 70 million users – right now!

Spotify is great source of content for you! Last Year I wrote an article for @datatransmission you can read it here.

Playlists are up-datable weekly or even daily – thus every time you update, make sure you share to your other social networks.

With the current growth of the platform added to imminent floating of the company the user base is only going to get bigger. Do you want to be one of those people who has 0 when it explodes or one that has numbers.

Mixtapes are cool and essentially a playlist of tracks curated so it flows like a mix. Your non-dj friends (most of the world) will listen to it as such.

You can listen offline on the mobile app

Once you are releasing and you have big playlists, you can put your own releases in the playlist – earning you that Small amount, as @tescofood say… every little!

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