Build your own Castles

More so than ever in today’s dance music scene, you need to have your own castle, the bigger the fortress the more you can do and command.

Actively support fellow DJs and producers and build a team and for those people that live in a town where there isn’t a scene – you have to hustle twice as hard

As I mentioned before it’s more important for you to attend the smaller events than the Big clubs, you will increase your network and bring gigs

Co-ordinate your social media post for that day by messaging a load of mates to post on it when it goes up, if you can get loads of 4 worded comments in the first hour the traction is much higher.

Share others releases for them!

If you are on a label make sure you are commenting on all their posts to help out and be apart of their castle.

If you are finding these useful, share, like and comment please.

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