Be your own DJ Booking Agent

If you are a new DJ just starting out, you don’t need a booking agent. Most wont actually take you on until you are worth more than £500 a gig and then unless you are on a proactive agency you won’t get much from them.

You need to be hustling for gigs. Which means firstly do some research and try to find other DJs at the same level as you and this is where you need to be honest with yourself. Are they are on similar size labels, similar social numbers.

For each gig you need to find out the details of the gig, what’s the event, when, where, how much they charging on the door, who the promoter is, the capacity of the event.

Most booking agencies will just ask the promoter for an offer. Why don’t do the same.

If the gig is unpaid then same again what is the offer, are they going to live stream, are they going to give you big shouts on large socials which will increase you. Are they going to help you with a record push around the time of the event.

Once you have all the details then you can quote on the essentially the job. Personally I think you should include what you can do for them – social posts, being involved with conversations on posts.

I actually don’t think ticket selling gigs are that Bad for larger events, if you know you have a big network that you can sell too. It’s an easy way to earn on bigger gigs like festivals cos the commissions are usually decent and people wanna go anyway. You don’t really want to be doing it for every gig. It does show for a first gig how valuable you are to an event promoter – then second gigs switch it up and try to headline smaller gigs, cos you know you can bring numbers. This tactic really needs to have a solid strategy in place before you start on it.

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