Want to Make it as DJ? Get a Job!

If you want a DJ Career then you can just sit at home making record thinking the world will come to you.

Any career is essentially you being self employed and you need to think of yourself as a business and as such any business needs investment to make it work and you are going to need funds, here’s why…

Let’s get the obvious one out the way Dj equipment & production is expensive!

You need to be attending events regularly to network and meet people

You need to pay to grow your socials – set aside a portion of your wage to boost post and grow your followers with targeted ads

You will need to pay to repost tracks and free downloads – see my free Download post yesterday.

You will need travel money to get to gigs

Finally you will need professional Press shots to get decent magazines and online mags to run content. Also having a professionally written biography about yourself will help massively.

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